The mystery of the color changing lens

The mystery of the color changing lens

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Description:When you are outdoors in the open air; when you are skiing in the snowy mountains; when you work in the indoor glare studio, please wear a color-changing glasses.


When you are outdoors in the open air; when you are skiing in the snowy mountains; when you work in the indoor glare studio, please wear a color-changing glasses. ! It will protect your glasses! Modern color-changing glasses have become a suitable fashion item. Wear it to show your unique temperament!


The friends who have seen the Chameleon know the wonders of the chameleon, the different environments, and it will adapt to different changes in the environment. Is there really something in real life that changes with the change of the environment? The answer is yes. A color changing lens can achieve this effect.


When the summer comes, the sun's ultraviolet radiation, you may be worried that they will cause harm to the human body; in the autumn and winter, the same greenhouse and outdoor sunlight will also cause harm to the human body. At this moment, if you can choose a suitable color-changing glasses to wear, not only the fashion and beautiful wearing will bring you a large return rate, and the super-protective performance of the color-changing lens will bring you unexpected protection effect. So, where is the mystery of the color-changing lens? What magic does it make young people so fascinated? Here, Xiaobian leads everyone into the world of color-changing lenses.


The color-changing lens is also known as the "photosensitive lens". What is its secret? I heard the name, knowing the meaning, because the lens is added with a photosensitive material such as silver halide, so it will produce a sensitizing effect under strong light, and thus become a "colored lens", which can be used indoors and outdoors. Protects the eyes and protects the eyes. Can be protected from light and radiation indoors and outdoors? How to do it? The optical glass of the silver halide microcrystal in the original color-changing lens is based on the principle of reversible color-to-color interconversion. Under strong sunlight, it can quickly become dark, absorb ultraviolet light, and visible light is absorbed in the dark. It can recover transparent and colorless quickly.


In the glass lens, in addition to the photosensitive material such as silver halide, a substance such as copper oxide is added, so that the color can be repeatedly changed, the eye is protected by strong light, the vision is corrected, and the glasses are corrected. Extraordinary clear and other magical effects. The color-changing lens is exposed to ultraviolet light and sunlight in the sunlight, the color will gradually become deeper, the light transmittance will decrease; the light transmittance of the lens will increase in indoors or in the dark, and the color will be faded. The discoloration of the lens is automatic and reversible. The color-changing glasses can adjust the transmittance through the discoloration of the lens, so that the human eye can adapt to changes in light, thereby reducing visual fatigue and protecting the eyes. Before the discoloration of the color-changing lens, there are two kinds of base color films and one color base film, and the color after the color change is mainly gray or brown.


Scientists have proved that the color changing speed of the color changing lens is very fast and has a good response ability to the environment. Just put it in the sun for 10 minutes, it will have the deepest color. After removal, it will become the darkest after 20 minutes. This is one of the most mysterious mysteries of color changing lenses. Discoloration "small" lenses, but there are "big" mysteries!

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