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Maat Optical COOL™ Freeform Rx Lab is officially launched


Starting from August 1st, 2022, Maat Optical's independent garage brand, COOL™ Freeform Rx Lab, is officially launched! COOL™ Freeform RX Lab is a new independent garage product launched by Maat Optical. It utilizes German OptoTech and German Schneider production lines to provide a full range of optical customized lenses, aiming to become a leading RX Lab brand in the industry.

Sophisticated equipment
COOL™ Freeform RX Lab is equipped with industry-leading production equipment, including OptoTech and Schneider, to ensure the quality of COOL™ Freeform RX Lab.


Diverse product lineup
COOL™ Freeform RX Lab covers consumers of all age groups and offers the most comprehensive range of photochromic lenses in the industry, making it particularly suitable for first-time wearers of progressive lenses. It is mainly divided into six categories: Freeform Aspherical, Freeform Progressive, Digital Office, Digital Anti-Fatigue, Multifocal Myopia Defocus, and Polarized Driving.

The refractive index covers 1.50/1.56/1.60/1.67/1.74, providing more options for personalized customization such as tinting and coating selection.

Thoughtful Service
COOL™ Freeform RX Lab is equipped with a comprehensive set of dedicated customer services from the moment an order is received, aiming to provide customers with an enhanced service experience.

1.Dedicated 1-on-1 customer service
2.Order tracking by designated personnel
3.Worry-free sales of progressive lenses
4.Training and guidance on personalized progressive lens fitting process
5.Standard 72-hour delivery time
6.Provision of supporting marketing materials

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