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Maat Optical extends support to Turkey in building homes.


Love knows no boundaries, warming us all. Compassion knows no borders, and Maat Optical spreads love.
On February 6th, local time, two earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 struck consecutively in the Marmara province of Kocaeli, southern Turkey, causing significant casualties and property damage. Over 10 provinces were severely affected. The strong earthquakes have resulted in over 46,000 fatalities and more than 230,000 buildings damaged in Turkey.

Upon learning about the situation, Maat Optical immediately contacted its customer company in Turkey to express condolences and also convey the intention to donate to the affected people. Through its customer BETA OPTIK, Maat Optical learned that the most urgent need for the victims was temporary housing. With the assistance of BETA OPTIK, Maat Optical purchased and donated a shipping container as temporary housing in Turkey. After multiple contacts and negotiations, the container purchased by Maat Optical has been successfully delivered to the disaster-stricken area and immediately put into use, addressing the housing needs of some of the affected residents.

Maat Optical has always been committed to social welfare. While actively developing its business operations, it never forgets its social responsibilities and missions. The company actively participates in various public welfare activities, including assistance to those in need and disaster relief. In the face of the sudden earthquake in Turkey, Maat Optical, in adherence to the principle of valuing human life above all, has provided assistance to help the people of Turkey overcome this difficult time.

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