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Discover the latest news and events from Maat, a leading manufacturer of photochromic lenses. Stay updated on our product launches, industry insights, and participation in global events.

The Chairman of Maat Optical has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Industry Development and Coordination Committee of AOMA.


AOMA, established in October 2019, is an international association founded by renowned eye and vision experts and practicing management professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. Its members come from various countries and regions including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. AOMA is also a member of the Asian Optometric Congress (AOC). Its mission is to promote international exchanges and cooperation among eye and vision organizations in Asia, advance the application of optometric technology and enhance professional academic standards, as well as recognize the professional status and position of optometrists.

The Eye Health Summit and Completely Glasses 20th Anniversary Celebration was grandly held on March 7, 2023, at the Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou. During the event, the Asia Optometric Management Association (AOMA) officially established the "Industry Development and Coordination Committee." Mr. Li Jun, the Chairman of Maat Optical, was appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Industry Development and Coordination Committee due to his dedication and expertise in the field of color-changing lenses.

The AOMA Professional Committee unanimously recognized Mr. Li Jun from Maat Optical as a leader in the field of lens technology, providing customized visual health solutions for consumers and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Therefore, the AOMA Professional Committee unanimously agreed to invite Mr. Li Jun as the Vice Chairman of the Industry Development and Coordination Committee of AOMA, and presented him with an appointment letter during the event.

Maat Optical, one of the world's largest professional research and development institutions specializing in photochromic lenses, has been vertically dedicated to the production and research of photochromic lenses for over 20 years. The company is committed to managing healthy visual light. It possesses internationally advanced levels in the field of photochromic lens development and production. Maat Optical's products are available in over 100 countries and regions across five continents worldwide.

In 2022, the brand-new COOL™ Freeform RX lenses were launched, utilizing German OptoTech and Schneider production lines to provide a full range of optical photochromic lenses. It caters to consumers of all age groups. The launch of COOL™ Freeform RX lab signifies a significant step forward for Maat Optical on the path of boutique customization. In the future, Maat Optical will collaborate with the Industry Development and Coordination Committee of AOMA to promote the dissemination and development of "optometric community" across different regions of China, facilitating the high-quality development of the optometry industry.

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