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Manufacturing Experience of Resin Photochromic Lenses


Exporting Countries And Regions


Sq. meter Factory and a Dedicated Team of 500+


The Annual Production Of Lenses

Far Beyond The Ordinary Photochromic Lenses In The Market

Super Darker & Faster Collection


Changing Speed


Fading Speed



Jelly Series Photochromic Lens

More optional vibrant colors ! Boost your sense of fashion!

Are You Running a Chain Optical Store?

Discover Maat Optical's photochromic lenses for your chain stores. Enjoy competitive prices and superior quality. With our wide range of products and efficient logistics, we can help you maximize your profit margins while offering your customers top-notch eyewear.

Are You a Cross-Border Seller?

Elevate your online eyewear business with Maat Optical's photochromic lenses. Our cost-effective pricing options and quick shipping make it easy to attract and retain customers. Join us to provide high-quality eyewear that's both trendy and reliable.

Are You Running a Vision Center?

Maat Optical is your trusted partner for top-notch photochromic lenses. Our unwavering quality and customized support can enhance your services. Offer your clients exceptional eyewear solutions with faster transitions and deeper color transformation, setting your vision center apart.

Are You Running an RX Lab?

Upgrade your services with Maat Optical's photochromic lenses. As an Rx Lab, you can benefit from our cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to create innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of your customers.

Are You a Distributor?

Expand your product portfolio with Maat Optical's photochromic lenses. Our comprehensive range and reliable quality can help you serve diverse markets effectively. With competitive pricing and timely delivery, we offer a profitable partnership for distributors like you.

Are You a Wholesaler?

Maximize your eyewear wholesale business with Maat Optical. Our cost-efficient options and quality lenses can reduce your expenses and attract more clients. Partner with us to offer premium eyewear that's budget-friendly, increasing your sales and profits.

Stand Out with Comprehensive Advantages

Maat offers a complete category of photochromic lenses with reliable quality. Our lenses are not only cost-effective but also deliver excellent
performance. With accurate delivery and timely after-sales support, we ensure customer satisfaction. Choose MAAT for your lens needs.

Comprehensive Product Range

Tour factory boasts a mature production chain, offering a wide variety of products. Free samples are available to provide clients with quality verification.

Unwavering Quality

Our products excel in various aspects including lens lifespan, precise light transmission, and color transition consistency. With 20 rounds of QC, our items hold both national and international certifications. We provide videos showcasing attributes such as color fading speed and depth, residue-free performance, and blue light protection, along with corresponding certificates.


Choose from FOB, CIF or Door-to-Door pricing options. Leave the logistics to us, upon payment, clients simply await delivery. With an autonomous factory and experienced suppliers purchasing directly from us can slash costs by 10%.

Exceptional Performance

Our products outshine ordinary market photochromic lenses. Elevate your expectations with an 18.5% faster transition speed, 26% quicker fading, and 29.8% deeper color transformation. Comparable to, or even surpassing leading brands, our offerings remain more budget-friendly. When compared to top-tier brands like Transitions, we offer superior cost-effectiveness, reducing expenses by over 50%.

Punctual and Safe Delivery

Count on us to finalize and ship samples within 7 days. Stock items ship in 7 working days, while custom lenses are dispatched within 30 to 45 working days. Our adept business steam crafts optimal solutions for both products and logistics ensuring quality items and reducing shipping costs.

Timely Post-Sale Service

Clients receive dedicated support from inquiry to delivery. We provide real-time updates, instilling confidence. ln case ofpost-sale issues, solutions are delivered within 24 hours

Marketing Assistance

We offer training in product knowledge and sales techniques. Clients can access product copy, videos, images, and more for online selling purposes.

Here is Our Virtual
Factory Tour

During customer interactions, we provide choices for video and voice communication, allowing us to deliver live explanations of our factory operations.

Additionally, we extend an invitation for clients to personally visit our factory, nurturing a strong sense of trust in our partnership.

Our Team is Fully Committed to Supporting Your Development

At Maat Optical, our R&D team boasts industry-leading experts, experienced professors, and seasoned engineers. Our sales team offers tailored support, real-time updates, and welcomes site inspections.

Our customer service team ensures timely, professional responses and top-notch after-sales support. Your satisfaction is our priority.

R&D Team

Maat Optical R&D team is composed of international industry leaders, professors, returned doctors masters and senior engineers who have been engaged in the industry for many years.

Sales Team

According to customer requirements, provide product catalog pictures and videos, sales support (pictures videos. DEMO)and update production-shipment-logistics details in real-time. and provide customs clearance information. Welcome to the site inspection. Provide quality assurance services.

Customer Service Team

Provide professional customer service support and after-sales service. Make professional replies in time according to the questions raised by customers.

Precision Optics: Where Vision Meets Innovation
- Explore Our Certifications

Our lens certificates validate the quality and performance of our photochromic lenses. These certificates are recognized globally
and ensure that our lenses meet the highest industry standards.





ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 14001







OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001

Invention Patent 1

Invention Patent 1

Invention Patent 2

Invention Patent 2

Invention Patent 3

Invention Patent 3

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Japan market access certificate

Japan market access certificate


Streamline your Cooperation Process with Maat

We understand the importance of effective communication and efficient processes in building successful partnerships. Our streamlined
cooperation process ensures that we meet our customers' needs and deliver high-quality products.
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Client Confirmation
Mass Production

Maat Optical, a Leading Chinese Photochromic
Lens Manufacturer, Helps You Save Money and
Buy With Confidence

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